About The Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1993, the year of inception of St. Peter’s Engineering College to caters to the need of undergraduate programmes of Engineering and Technology. The department comprises of goal oriented group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members with rich experience in research, teaching, and industry. The department offers B.Sc., M.Sc  and Ph.D programmes. The Chemistry Department has a pivotal position for its leadership role in training the students for research and has provided support by way of access to the Seminar, Conferences, Workshops, Research journals, Analytical instrumentation  facilities and Guidance. The Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated equipments and good built-in infrastructure.

Head of the Department

Dr. Sayeeda Sultana, M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD

Professor and Head,

Department of Chemistry.

Members of Board of Studies

1Dr. Sayeeda SultanaProfessor & HeadChairperson
2Dr. S. DhandayuthapaniAssociate ProfessorInternal Member
3Mr.C.SakthivelAssistant ProfessorInternal Member
4Dr.  Helan P KavithaProfessor & Head,  Department of Chemistry, SRM Institute of Science  and Technology, Ramapuram, ChennaiExternal Member
(Academic Expert)
5Dr. U.P. Senthil KumarPresident,  R&D Centre, Ramky Pharma city India Ltd, J N Pharma   City, Parwada,Vishakapatnam, A.PExternal Member
(Industry Expert)

B.Sc- Chemistry

B.Sc. in Chemistry is a three-year undergraduate programme designed to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in different disciplines of chemistry. The programme consists of theory papers along with laboratory including Institute Core Courses, Institute Elective Courses, Program Core Courses and Program Elective Courses. The programme also includes two courses offered by Physics and Mathematics Department. Further Project and Internship are included in the curriculum which gives them access to handle sophisticated instruments. The programme provides guidance from experienced professors to conduct extensive laboratory research projects and explore the chemical phenomena properties and reactivity The programme comprises six semesters with 135 Credits.

M.Sc- Chemistry

M.Sc. in Chemistry is a two-year postgraduate programme designed to provide research-based learning that involves the proper blend of theory and experimental aspects, including project work. The curriculum and syllabus are designed to cover all aspects of general chemistry in a comprehensive approach. The programme consists of theory papers along with laboratory including Institute Core Courses, Institute Elective Courses, Program Core Courses and Program Elective Courses. Further Project and Internship in the curriculum helps to gain the hands-on research experience to the students apart from improving practical skills for employability. Furthermore, the project work gives them access to handle sophisticated instruments that would be able to conduct high-quality research in their future endeavors. The programme comprises four semesters with 90 Credits.


Doctoral study in chemistry prepares students for research and teaching careers with diverse emphases in basic, organic, inorganic, physical, nano, polymer, pharmaceutical and environmental sciences.

Academic year 2018-2019

NATIONAL CONFERENCE National Conference on Recent Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology -NCRANST-2019

National Conference on Recent Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology wasconducted on 6th &7th March 2019. A total of about 53 partcipants including Faculty members,Students and Research Scholars from host and other Educational Institutions presentedresearch papers covering a wide spectrum of area of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

In this connection it is worth mentioning about the presidential talk given by Dr. FrancisC.Peter, Vice Chancellor, SPIHER who spoke on the emerging trend in Nanoscience andTechnology Dr.Jayavel,Coordinator, Centre for Nanoscience & Technology and Professor, CrystalGrowth Centre, Anna University,Chennai gave a vivid account of status of expansion of thisNanoscience of Technology in india and their applications in various fields. Dr.Raghuram , SeniorScientific Officer,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore delivered the invite talk onCharacteristics during thermal decompositon of a nano material hydroxide for energy storageand and Dr.Suneetha, Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Acharya Institute ofTechnology, Banglore gave an account A novel fabrication approach of micro-scaled reinforcedbiodegradable polymer scaffolds for medical applications using nanocomposite material. DR.S.Ravichandran, Associate Professor in Chemistry, School of Chemical Engineering andPhysical Sciences, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar,Delhi GT Road, Phagwara Punjabdelivered invited talk on Better Living through Nanotechnology followed by technical sessions.

On the second day 7th March 2019 Dr.Thangaraja Assistant Professor, Department of Bio-Technology, Dr. Ambedkar Government Arts College, Chennai delivered the lecture onBioinfomatrics narrating the procedure of browsing different programmes and techniques inNanoscience and Technology.

Academic year 2017-2018

Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology on 22.02.2018

The programme under the caption workshop on Nanoscience and Technology was held on 22.02.2018 under the auspicious of Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, SPIHER.

Dr. S. Gunasekaran, Dean R&D gave a vivid account of Nanoscience and technologyconsisting of facts and figures relating to its research in the globe. His speech was found raisethe spirit of the students and created awareness to take up Nanoscience projects.

Dr. R. Jayavel, Director, Centre for nanotechnology, Anna University spoke about theimportance of Nano materials, its advancement and applications specifically in the field ofelectronics, construction of devices and semiconductor industries. There after Dr. A. Thangaraja,AP, Department of Bio-Technology, Dr. Ambedkar Government Arts college, Chennai presentedfacts related to Nanoscience and its association with biology and biotechnology apart from itsapplications in the field of medicine.

The workshop was attended by 135 participants.

National Science Day 2018

National science day was celebrated on 21st March 2018. The programme started withtamilthai vazhthu Subsequently Dr. Stella Mary, Prof. & Head, Department of Physics gave thewelcome address. Dr. Sayeeda Sultana, Prof.&Head, Department of Chemistry and as organiserintroduced the speaker of the day and also stated about his great accomplishments. ThereafterDr. S. Gunasekaran speaker of the function gave a lucid account of Sir C.V. Ramans life fromhis childhood to acquisition of Noble prize under the caption. Father of Science. The talk onthis occasion was of great motivation to all students and has kindled their spirits to high level topurse research oriented studies in their academic career.

National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences on 09.05.2018

The programme under the caption National conference on recent advances in chemicalsciences was held on 09.05.2018 under the auspices of Department of Chemistry, SPIHER.

Dr. Francis C. Peter,Vice Chancellor gave the presidential address and praised the effortsof chemistry department in the conduct of the function and wished many more suchconferences is future.

Dr. P. Aruna, Professor and Head, Department of Medical Physics, Anna university aschief quest delivered a lucid account of necessity of chemistry is the field of research along withphysics and mathematics in all inventions and discoveries. Dr. U.P Senthil Kumar, Senior Vice President, Orchid chemicals, Chennai spoke on the importance of research in pharmaceuticalindustry.

A special lecture on Various types of images in the diagnosis of cancer with simplemethodology in special reference to MRI scan was given by Dr. P. Aruna, the chief guest of theconference followed by paper presentation by Ph.D and M.Phil research scholars and M.Scstudents and this technical session was conducted under the chairmanship of Dr. Indragandhi,Associated Professor, Department of Chemistry, Presidency College , Chennai.Dr.Thangaraja,AP,Ambedkar government College,Chennai spoke on the spectroscopicaltechniques employed in the screening of cellulose nanomaterials which finds enormousapplications in this field. Similarly Ms. A. Vanitha, AP, Department of Bio-MedicalEngineering, SPIHER delivered the talk about Nanomaterial fabrication and its applications. The workshop was attended by 135 participants

Academic year 2016-2017

National Conference On Frontier Areas In Science And Humanities on 8.5.2017

One day National conference on Frontier Areas of science and Humanities wasconducted on 08.05.2017. The chief guest for this function was Dr. Baskar, Vice Chancellor,Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, and various speakers on this occasionincludes Vice Chancellor, Director (R&D), Dean (R&D) and Registrar of our University. Theinaugural address was delivered by the Chief guest, all the speakers stressed the need ofinclusion of Research activities like paper presentation and extending the same to the award ofPh.D degree.

The chief guest on this occasion also attached importance in the conduct of this type ofconference to make students aware of latest developments in the science and humanities.They also advised all participants to pursue their higher studies with the facilities available inthe University. They included saying the facts and statistics learnt here would not only helpstudents to gain knowledge but also would largely help in the higher studies and employment.

About 170 M.Phil and Ph.D scholars presented their findings on this occasion andcertificates were issued for all including merit certificate.

National Science Day 2017

The programme started with invocation and subsequently continued withtalks on eminent scientists who have contributed to the development of science.

Various speakers on the occasion includes Dr. S. Ravichandran, ViceChancellor, Dr. M.A. Dorai Rangaswamy Registrar, Dr. D.S. RamachandraMurthy, Director (R&D), Dr. L. Mahesh Kumar, Director (Academic), Dr. S.Gunasekaran, Dean (R&D) and special invitee of the function namely Dr.Ganesan, Registrar of Anna University, Chennai.

Dr. Ganesan stressed the need of high quality research work and insistedthat inter departmental activities will pay rich dividend in the application orientedresearch activities in science.

The programme came to an end with recitation of National Anthem.

Academic Year 2019-2020

Seminar on Women Security held on 05.03.2020

The Seminar on Women Security was conducted on 05.03.2020. . The invited Speaker was Ms. Shobha Rani , Inspector of Police Avadi. She spoke on the topics of Myths about women,Violence and self defence ,body language, how to use everyday items as weapons and basics about the redressal procedures and how to approach the police. The speaker also insisted that Women have a right to their freedom and autonomy and must defend these rights.

The program was attended by 6 Staff and 162 Students


Workshop on Personality Development , Grooming and the confidence held on 23.01.2020

The Workshop on Personality Development, Grooming and the confidence was organised on 23.01.2020.The program coordinator was Dr. Sayeeda Sultana, HOD/I Year,Department of chemistry .The speaker Ms. Rizwana, Event Head in Anastasia event management company & former prelauncer for Hindustan unilever Ltd., Mumbai emphasized the importance of Confidence and how to create right first impression in interview. The speaker was continuously stressed about the confidence in all aspects to women. She created positive vibes about self motivation and importance of outlook in women. The program was very much useful and at the end of the program, it made everyone more Courageous. The program was attended by 3 Faculty and 156 Students.


Awareness Programme on Online Safety For Women held on 28.08.2019

The programme on Online safety for women under women empowerment programme was conducted on 28.08.2019 at 9.00a.m. The programme started with invocation by students. Subseqently Dr.Sayeeda Sultana, Prof & HOD gave the welcome speech inviting dignataries on the dais and the audience. The invited Speaker and Chief guest of the function Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Director Executive Council Council of Information Security (CIS), Cyber Security Consultant Internet and Mobile Association of India, Advisory of Cyber Crime cell (State police) gave various tips for the women online safety protection both in and off the campus for the girl students and faculties. Some of the points highlighted on his speech was about careful exercises like not sharing passwords of various apps, private information and sensitive datas, updation of status in facebook, checking the social networks, privacy policies, network operations & applications, not accepting friends request whose identity is not known and logging off an account after use in computer by women.

This programme was attended by 12 Faculty ,3 staff and 303 students.


Workshop on Role of Women in Fuel Conservation held on 07.03.2020

The Workshop on Role of Women in Fuel Conservation LPG was conducted on 07.03.2020. Prof.B.Ravichandran, External Faculty, Petroleum conservation Research Association, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas, Government of India, Southern Region gave a lecture on fuel conservation highlighting various methods to be adopted so as to increase the fuel conservation by 40% in LPG. The main focus of workshop was to share the information and experience on reduction in wastage and improvement process resulting in energy intensity reduction and monetary savings.

The workshop was attended by 75 students, 6 faculty,4 staff and 15 neighborhood women community. Finally quiz programme was conducted on the Lecture points and rank certificates were given based on their scores.


Awareness program on Safety and Security of women on 20.02.2020

The Awareness program on Safety and Security of women was conducted on 20.02.2020. The programme started with invocation by students. Subseqently Dr.Sayeeda Sultana, Prof & HOD gave the welcome speech inviting dignataries on the dais and the audience. The invited Speaker was Ms. Shobha Rani Inspector of Police Avadi.She insisted that personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone especially women. The objective of this program was to make the participants aware of different situations and how to deal with them.

The program was attended by 5 Faculty and 242 Students.

Vision & Mission


To acquire proficiency in disciplines of Chemistry with the academic tools of teaching and research to serve society.


  • To provide knowledge and skill in the domain of Chemistry at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level.
  • To promote independent thoughts, exchange of ideas and high ethical standards
  • To provide quality education and training to the students with strong foundational concept and techniques in Chemistry to face the future challenges.
  • To encourage research in emerging areas of Chemistry and development activities that would benefit the society.


  • PEO1: To enable graduates to have a successful career in academia (or) industries associated with chemistry.
  • PEO2: To provide students with strong foundational concept and techniques in chemistry to enable them to provide solution of various simple chemical problems.
  • PEO3: To make students critically analyse learnt topics of specialization to develop innovative methodology to provide solutions.


Chemistry graduates will be able to
  • PO1: Apply the knowledge of chemistry to the solution of complex problems.
  • PO2: Identify formulae and analyse complex chemical problems using chemical principles.
  • PO3: Use acquired knowledge and method to analyse and interpert synthesis and conclusion.
  • PO4: To create, select and apply appropriate technique to solve chemical problems.
  • PO5: Apply gained knowledge effectively in solving industrial problems.
  • PO6: Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi disciplinary settings.


  • PSO1: To analyse, design and develop the solutions by effective application of foundations of chemistry.
  • PSO2: To apply principles and best practices for developing quality chemical products.
  • PSO3: To adapt to emerging trends and knowledge in chemistry in solving novel problems.


Chemistry Laboratory is spacious and well equipped with various sophisticated instruments.


  • pH METER