Vice Chancellor

Dr. P. Dananjayan

Vice Chancellor, St.Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai.


Education is the sophisticated tool of the human beings for enabling a conducive socio-economic ecosystem. India is evidently engraving its significant milestone in the planet by contributing its manpower to predominant agencies, like government, public and private and corporate sectors across the globe.

St.Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research (SPIHER) plays a vital role in producing responsible erudite personalities for the development of country and humankind through its carefully designed pedagogy and makes its mark in global map. SPIHER sports a caucus of academic and industrial doyens which governs the education system by keenly observing the changes occurring in the society. It constantly redesigns the teaching learning system based on the changing needs and future requirements of the society as a whole.

Our primary objective is to educate our students to achieve best prosperity in their professional career by our innovative teaching, learning, training and other managerial skill development methodologies. SPIHER rekindles the suo motu cognizance of our students and scholars by inspiring them to seek what they see. SPIHER ensures quality by delivering only deliverables.

SPIHER bestows to the society a well trained, ethical UG and PG graduates, research professionals, managers and leaders as market ready employees by its well organized personality and skill training system. SPIHER assures tailor made infrastructure for learning and research environment which undergoes pro tempore revamping to keep in pace with the technology advancements and social needs.

SPIHER offers various UG, PG, Research and Skill training programs in Engineering , Technology, Architecture , Arts and Science, Para medical and other streams, with adequate infrastructure and other paraphernalia to enrich the knowledge of the students and scholars undergoing the programs.

SPIHER has been a cynosure to precocious and ambitious students since its inception from 1993 and it has inextricably inculcated standards and ethos in them, which assures lucrative career for them. I wish all the aspiring students to be part of this winning team by joining the bandwagon of SPIHER.

A man who rules his mind , will rule the world – Winston Churchill.

SPIHER  An Institution which trains a man to rule his mind.