Hands-on training workshop on Biomedical Circuits and Systems interfacing
  • The department of Biomedical engineering conducted the hands-on training workshop titled Biomedical Circuits and Systems interfacing on 25th of Feb 2017. The workshop was organized by the department of Biomedical engineering, SPIHER and it was sponsored by MSME, New Delhi.
  • The inaugural address was given by Dr.D.S.Ramachandhramurthy, Bursar R& D, SPIHER, Avadi, Chennai. The guest of honor was Mr.K.P.Arivazhagan, Director, Visa Infotech, Chennai. The keynote address was delivered by Mr.K.Prabhakaran, Project Head, Visa Infotech, Chennai.
  • Workshop on different areas such as IOT, embedded systems and biomedical system interfacing have been demonstrated which gave the students to learn and understand new things which they didnt come through in their regular subjects.
  • The workshop was divided into two sessions. In the morning session guest lecture was given by the speakers about by biomedical circuits and system interfacing. In the afternoon session circuit kit were provided to each and every students and they were trained on hardware assembly and programming. The certificates were issued to the participants.