About The Department

Architecture influences all aspects of the built environment and brings together the arts, environmental awareness, sciences and technology. By combining creative design with technical knowledge, architects create the physical environment in which people live, which in turn, influences quality of life.

As a substantial contributor to the design of our cities and towns, architecture also has a significant role to play in improving social inclusion and, in turn, health outcomes in our communities. Located in the unique multidisciplinary lush green campus of St. Peters Institute of Higher Education and Research, the Department of Architecture offers undergraduate program in Architecture (B. Arch.). The St. Peters School of Architecture (COA Code: TN-48) was started in the year 2012 and the B.Arch. program offered is approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. Since then, it has come a long way as a vibrant and collaborative learning community. The Department has 15 teaching faculty and 2 non-teaching faculty as per COA Norms.

We teach our student to take responsibility for designing our future. We, help students develop the values, knowledge, skills, and practices they need to create better architecture, interiors, and environments that resonate with the culture of people, physical, economical and ecological background. The Department of architecture emphasise collaboration and a noncompetitive but rigorous learning environment. Our supportive studio culture facilitated through peer teaching and teamwork doesn't dictate a specific design aesthetic or ideology for you to follow. Instead, we encourage intellectual inquiry as the basis from which you forge your own design path.

We teach not only the overall aesthetics of a city or region by pushing the boundaries of design and style, we also make our student aware of their invaluable contributions to the quality of life, public health and sustainability of any given region, by adopting a dynamic approach to the planning, design and maintenance of the built environment with respect to population growth, demographic change and climate change.



Vision & Mission


To nurture and equip young minds, Develop creative and competent architects endowed with intellectual disciplines, who aspire to create a sustainable built environment that responds to climate, context and the changing needs and aspirations of the society, fully able to meet the challenges of design and management of building projects.


Empowering individuals through a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to Architecture thereby creating professionals with a social conscience, environmental sensibility and a sense of social responsibility.

To establish the study of architecture as a foundation for life-long learning, career preparation, and a richer and contented life by developing communication skills and the ability to think critically, while promoting intellectual curiosity, aesthetic understanding, civic engagement, and appreciation of diversity.



As per COA Norms, we have creatively painted, well lit and ventilated studios equipped with ergonomically designed drafting boards & stools, storage cupboards, soft pin-up boards, and Glass board.

Computer Lab

Well equipped computer lab with 40 systems, A4 Laser printers, A1 plotter and a all in one A0 HP plotter is available for student use.

Audio Visual hall

The audio-visual hall with a seating capacity for 80 people is equipped with LCD Projector, white board and a projection screen.

Climatology Lab

Its well equipped with a total weather station, wind wane, wall mountable barometers, solari meters and descriptive charts.

Model making Lab

To facilitate the realization of student design in the form of realistic scaled models, we have a model making lab consisting of thermo Cole cutters, glass cutters, drilling machines, potters wheel and measuring tapes.

Department Library

A separate department library with rare collections of architecture books and allied subjects is available to nurture the search for exotic knowledge in design and development.

Material Museum

Collection of samples of latest building materials including paints, various types of bricks, aluminium channels, various types of stones, scaled truss models, various types of floor tiles, etc. are available for the students to have a touch and feel of the building materials.

Construction Yard

A Dedicated Construction yard is available. It consists of trowels, plumb lines, levels, sample brick bonds, arches and loose bricks for student to have hands-on training and understand the construction methods of the building elements apart from the shared Surveying & Leveling and materials and concrete lab.