Vision & Mission


By imparting quality education and state of art training to the students and make them excel in the domain of electrical and electronics engineering with integrity and ethical standards. To
provide an environment to students to mould them as competent engineers with skills and character leading to social transformation and National development.


  1. To prepare engineering graduates with deep understanding of fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.
  2. To prepare professionals with good technical skills, positive attitude and ethical values.
  3. To collaborate with industry, research organisations and academia to encourage creativity and innovation.
  4. To provide them a platform for developing new products and systems that can help industry and society as a whole.


The Graduates will

PEO1: Acquire a successful career in electrical industries, allied fields and entrepreneurship with profound knowledge in core engineering.

PEO2: Pursue higher education and involve in research activities to gain in-depth knowledge in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

PEO3: Exhibit intellectual skills, ethics and pursue life-long learning to cater the societal needs.


At the end of the programme, graduate will be able to

PO1: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and specialized Engineering to obtain the solutions for the complex problems in the core domain.

PO2: Identify, formulate, do literature survey, analyze and obtain feasible solutions for complex Engineering problems using the basic principles.

PO3: Design solutions for complex Electrical and Electronics Engineering problems by keeping safety, economic, societal and environmental needs in view.

PO4: Apply contemporary computational concepts and tools to resolve the Engineering problems with numerous possible solutions.

PO5: Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering tools to the complex problems in core domain, by considering the limitations.

PO6: Apply reasoning to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues by professional Engineering practice along with immense responsibility.

PO7: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in environmental contexts and share the knowledge for sustainable development of the society.

PO8: Practice the ethical principles in professional career with commitment.

PO9: Perform effectively as an individual and work as a team member or leader in blended settings to achieve common goals.

PO10: Communicate effectively and share the ideas with Engineering community and society as well, while handling complex Engineering problems.

PO11: Apply the knowledge of Engineering and Management principles to manage projects in

Multidisciplinary  environments.

PO12: Engage independently in life-long learning to update the technical skills

Program Specific Outcomes

  1.  Graduates will demonstrate their knowledge in effective implementation during their practice of profession of Electrical Engineering with due regard to environment and social concerns.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate their knowledge in analysis, design, erection and laboratory experimentation regarding Electrical Engineering.
  3. Graduates will be motivated for continuous self-learning in engineering practice and pursue research in advanced areas of Electrical Engineering in order to offer engineering services to the society, ethically.