Vision & Mission


To produce higher caliber Biotechnologists to attain new heights in science and technology as per industrial needs and to provide leaders in the field of Biotechnology.


To progress the department to attain center of excellence in science and  technologies by providing best Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral programs and R&D activities within a decade.


  1. To impart basic knowledge and skills of various aspects of biotechnology
  2. To train the students for industrial need and to pursue further education
  3. To inculcate entrepreneurship among the students so as to start their own ventures in the field of biotechnology.


The Biotechnology program will tackle core subjects to ensure that they receive a solid grounding in fundamentals. Students will then specialize in the final year, making their choice from a wide range of options and research projects. Our biotechnology courses contain topics covering all aspects of the applied biotechnology industry, such as intellectual property and patents, commercializing technology etc.


1 PEO 1 Ability to apply knowledge of  biology, science and technology
2 PEO 2 Ability to communicate effectively with biotechnologists, other professionals and community at large. The ability to explain the impact of engineering solutions in societal, cultural, global and environmental context
3 PEO 3 Contribute towards technological development through academic researchand industrial practices.
4 PEO 4 To produce research oriented Biotechnology graduates who will be employable in academic/Industry sponsored research and also who will be pursuing higher studies.
5 PEO 5 Ability to get employment in biotechnology and related industry and also to set up an industry.

Program Specific Objectives (PSO)

PSO1: To producegraduatesas an outstanding researchers or eminent scientist in the field of biotechnology and to generate unique products for social need with concern ethical statute.

PSO2: To sort the students to be an efficient entrepreneur to twitchbiotechnology companies and industries.

PSO3: To uplift the graduate’s more specifically in to research-oriented Biotechnologist and will be employable in academic/Industry sponsored research and also who will be pursuing higher research studies.