Vision & Mission


           To  assist students in acquiring a conceptual understanding of the nature and structure of  Mathematics, its processes and applications.


         To provide high quality Mathematics graduates who are relevant to industry and Commerce, Mathematics Education and Research in Science and Technology.



 PO 1:   The students can able to identify the Mathematical Formulae  and their  Applications.

 PO 2:   Acquires the ability to understand and analysis the problems.

 PO 3:   Develop the skill critically on abstract concepts of Mathematics.

 PO 4:   Acquires the ability to think independently paving way for Lifelong learning.

 PO 5:   Analyses the situation, make a mathematical problem and finds its solution. Formulates and develops Mathematical arguments in logical manner.

 PO 6:   Enhances Logical Reasoning skills, Arithmetic skills, Aptitude skills,Communication skills, Self confidence for better employability.

PO 7:   Provides a systematic understanding of the concepts and theories of Mathematical and Computing their application in the real world.

 PO 8:   UG curriculum provides computer based courses which enable the students to solve computer oriented programs.


 PSO 1:   Abstract courses and Mathematical structures include in the UG Programme enable the students to prepare themselves for Higher Education  leading  M.Sc/MCA Programme.

PSO 2:  After the completion of the UG course students will gain Thorough knowledge to preparing all competitive examinations.

PSO 3:   Understands the basic concepts of advanced Mathematics and Develops the problem solving skills.



PO1:    Apply the knowledge of Mathematical concepts in Interdisciplinary fields.

PO2:    Understand the nature of Abstract Mathematics and explore the concepts  in  further details.

PO3:   Model the real-world problems in to Mathematical  Equations and draw the inferences by finding  appropriate solutions.

PO4:   Identify challenging problems in Mathematics and find appropriate  solutions.

PO5:    Enhances Logical reasoning skills, Arithmetic skills, Aptitude skills, Self  confidence for better employability and Banking exams.          

PO6:   Inculcate the curiosity for mathematics in students and to prepare them for Future Research.



PSO1:   After completion of the PG course will gain a thorough knowledge in preparing themselves for competitive Examinations.

PSO2:   Pursue research in challenging areas of Pure/Applied Mathematics.