Vision & Mission


To inculcate quality education with updated Skill Training to achieve intellectual growth in the field of commerce and accounting


To impart students with sound theoretical knowledge and application skills in the field of commerce and developing creative skills in the youth.

Programme Educational Objective (PEO)

POE 1 – To impart Managerial Skills.

POE 2 – To provide knowledge that turns out high caliber, competent and versatile professionals.

POE 3 – To create a simulation of a business environment to enable students in their future tycoon.

Programme  Outcome (PO)

PO 1 – Students learn the accounting career skills, apply the accounting concepts in the real world both qualitatively and qualitatively, and select their career based on skill.

PO 2 – Students get thorough exposure regarding the operations of BFI sector in particular.

PO 3 – Students will be able to show their proficiency while writing competitive exams particularly banking, TNPSC, RRB etc.,

PO 4 – Students will be able to show their interest and enhance their knowledge to join professional courses like CA, CMA, ACS.

PO 5 – Learners can also acquire practical skills to work as tax consultants, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.

PO 6 – Learners will be able to go for higher studies and do advanced research particularly in the field of commerce, finance and business.

PO 7 – Students will involve in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities and able to demonstrate their skills through intercollegiate competitions particularly the events like stock war, tit for tat, debate etc.,

PO 8 – After completion students will excel their proficiency as businessman, entrepreneur, managers, consultants, audit assistants, etc.,

PO 9 – Students will start their own venture in the specific areas like tax audit, Goods and sales tax etc.,

PO 10 – Students will acquire the skills like effective communication, decision making, problem solving, and crisis handling in the day to day business affairs.


PSO 1 – After completing three years of the programme Bachelor of Commerce, students will gain a thorough knowledge in the concepts of commerce, business, finance, marketing and Human resources. PSO 2 – The curriculum designed focus a number of specializations and get practical exposure that will help them to place in the sectors like banking, finance and insurance.

PSO 3 – The all comprehensive attitude of the course offer a number of values based, job oriented courses that ensures the students are trained in the up to date development. The students will be able to develop and demonstrate computerized accounting books.



VISION: To transform students into responsible corporate leaders  


  • To provide the best resources to impart the highest quality education.
  • To provide opportunities to the students to have corporate interactions
  • To provide platform to discuss the national and international corporate ethics and responsibilities.
  • To encourage participation in corporate related activities and projects.
  • To inculcate leadership skill  through seminars, conference and interactions

 B.COM (Corporate Secretaryship) PROGRAMME OUTCOME

Upon completion of this programme students will be able


To summarize the secretarial practices in organization


To perform corporate responsibilities principles and practices effectively


To categorize different accounting practices in organizations


To plan and develop organizations direction to achieve its vision


To critique the methods and principles applied in business and management of various resources




To perform activities relating to the functions of corporate undertakings


To identify key skills required to be an effective administrator


To adapt to the changing business environment


To obtain career option in corporate sector