EEE department has signed MOUs with the following companies:

  • MOU has been signed with Vi Microsystems Pvt Ltd on 11th December 2017 for the benefits of research programmes and Research Scholars with the collaboration of Research and Development Units
  • MOU has been signed with Florance Energy Solutions Pvt . Ltd. Technologies on 29th November 2017 for the benefits of research programmes and Research Scholars with the collaboration of Research and Development Units.
  • MOU has been signed with National Institute of wind Energy on 15th June 2015 for the benefits of research programmes and Research Scholars with the collaboration of Autonomous government R&D Institution under MNRE.


Electrical Machines Lab 517
Control System Lab 117
Measurements & Instrumentation Lab 117
Power Electronics Lab 117
Power System Simulation Lab 76


Research Laboratory- Solar Laboratory

Kits Supplied by MNRE, IIT Bombay

    • Spectral Response Meter
    • Solar PV Lab Kit consisting of
    • Photo Voltaic Panel
    • 4 Quadrant Power Supply
    • Inverter 100W
    • Battery 7.2Ah, 12V
    • Solar Simulator

Rheostat 100 ohms, 2.5AI Kits 

Research Laboratory- Solar Energy Laboratory
Kits Supplied by MNRE, IIT Bombay

  • 1500 W (250 W * 4 + 100 W * 5) Photo Voltaic Panels
  • 1 KW Solar Compatible Inverter
  • 2 Nos. 500 W Inverter
  • 30 W Solar Panel with Tracking Facility
  • Solar Charge / Discharge Controller 12V/24 V, 10A
  • (100 Ah, 12V * 4) Battery
  • Soft Start Circuit for Pump Motors
  • 1 KVA Solar Compatible UPS

Department Library

  • 525 Text Books
  • 10 Lab Manuals
  • 70 Student Project Reports
  • 38 Question Banks
  • 20 Student Project CD’s
  • 35 Project Kits
  • NPTEL Lectures CD’s

Unique- Solar Laboratory


Solar PV Laboratory kit containing,

Solar cells ( 4x 4 ) 10watts

Inverter 100w

Battery 7.2 Ah Battery

Load 100 ohm, 2.5A

4 Quadrant supply


Spectrum Responsemeter


Solar PV life time measurement kit
LUX Meter

Spectral Response Meter

Solar Lab Student projects:

Solar Night Lamp
LED Table Lamp
850VA Solar Hybrid inverter
Solar water pump with Moisture sensor

Solar PV Power sources

Solar PV panels (4×250 w)

with 2 KVA Grid connectedInverter

with 1 KVA off-grid Inverter for Studentsdemo

Sola PV panels (3×100 w ) 12 V, 825 VAInverter

(2×100 w ) , 24 V, 500 VA Inverter for students projects

Campus study by students:

*Energy conservation

– by switching off Computers ,lights and fans when not in use

– Rs.1,59,467

*Energy conservation by use of LED Lamps instead of Fluorescent lamps –Annual savings high lighted


– Implemented LED Street lights – Savings Rs. 25,000/month

*Electrically out, single line diagram

*Design of a sub station300 KVA, 11kv / 415vG

Government funds received: MSME funded projects:

Integrated starter generator for Auto Electricals        –     Rs. 6.25Lakhs

Photovoltaic module for micro-grids                    –     Rs. 6.35Lakhs

Energy Conservation – LED Street Lights

  • 2 solar powered Street light with PV Panel of 120 watts with battery of 100 AH and have LED

luminaries of 25watts.

  • 30 nos. Street light of75w from the hostels to main entrance of College campus.
  • Replacement 650 w sodium vapour lamps 0f 25 nos with 75 w LED Lamps – Saving of Rs. 25,000 /month on account of energy saving – the process has been taken up.

Solar LED light gadgets – Entrepreneurship development

18 W Dusk to Dawn Solar Street Light LED luminaire

Low cost LED night lamps

Solar light gadgets for demonstration

a)LytworxLED solarspotlight

b)Solarvet serial lights

c) LED garden solar path light


e)Gardenglo solar hangingball

f)Gardenglo solar bee swing stake

g)Gardenglo 3L fence solar light

i). Traditional LED solar garden path light

h) Oriental design LED sensor solar wall light

Software available in Power system

Simulation Lab.






Lab Facilities to support Research


  • Electrical machine laboratory have all variety of machines to emulate wind energy from Asynchronous Generator and Doubly fed Induction generators.
  • DSP controllers apart from micro processor and micro controllers       to do projects on Control of drives.

Videos on DFIG conducted in our Electrical Machine Lab.


Softwares available







Skill Development Programme

Under the N.S.D.C Programme conducted on Field Technician – UPS and Inverter from    January 02 to February 28, 2019

Encouragement to Student Projects

  • Encourage students to participate in Smart India Hackathon 2019 is a nationwide initiative to provide students a platform to solve some of pressing problems we face in our daily lives…