The students are exposed to the real world creative gateway and industry best practices inside the campus in a built- in, well- equipped, full- fledged Studios with industry standard big shooting with unique identity. The latest technologies ensure that studios have highly flexible latest digital cameras, cool lighting grids with pioneer in establishing the VTR setup in educational institutes, fully furnished Edit Suite with industry oriented latest Editing Software, Sound-proofed art-of-the-state Recording Theatre, electrified Photography studio, Computer Lab and Animation Studio, Drawing and Graphic Design Labs. The studios are managed by efficient and qualified personnel with industry exposure.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio with VTR setup (we are the only institute in India to have this setup): VTR Setup, popularly known as Video Tape Recorder Setup or Video Track Recorder Setup is promptly used for the Online Editing by the TV News Channels to produce News Bulletins and Live Telecasts. SPIHER is one of the pioneer and the only Academic Institute in India to have the VTR Setup to give the student community vast hands on experience in producing TV News Bulletins and Live Telecasts. The Visual Studio is also well equipped with Panasonic Video Cameras, Panasonic Video Console, Yamaha 12 Channel Audio Mixer, Sony HDV Cassette Recorder and also Shooting Floor with Baby lights, 4 bank and 2 bank Cool lights.

Recording Theatre

A Recording Theatre is a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, spoken words and other sounds. The Recording Theatre consists of a Live Room attached with isolated booth equipped with Rhode Perception Mic, and Yamaha 12 Channel Audio Mixer, controlled by the Sound Engineer with Pro Tools software in the control room.

Edit Suite

The Edit Suite is a room usually consist workstations with one or two displays consisting Video editing software and hardware. The Edit suite in the department consists of 6 workstations with Final Cut Pro and Avid Edit software for Video Editing. Each workstation consists of the following configuration;

  • Mac Pro
  • 24GB of RAM
  • Graphics Card
  • Additional Internal Hard Drives
  • Additional External Hard Drives
  • Apple Final Cut Pro software package
  • Adobe Master software package

Photography Studio

A photographic studio is a workspace to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs. Photographic training and the display of finished photographs are key functions of photographic studio. The studio also consists of a Green Room and storage space for other photography related works. The Photography studio is equipped with Nikkon Still cameras, Elinchrome D lite and Digital Pro Lights.

Animation Studio

The Animation and Graphic Lab engages in training the students in 2D Graphics, 3D Animation, Web Designing, VFX and Game Designing. Each workstation consists of the following configuration;

  • Dell Precision 1700 Work Station
  • EPSON 3000 XGA Projector
  • Creative 5.1 Speaker
  • Adobe Master Pack
  • Autodesk Pack

Drawing Lab

The Drawing Lab is a space to encourage and train the students to draw and paint the artwork and design. The lab also inspires the students to draw more freely, emotionally and to find inspiration in referred artworks. The Drawing Lab is set up in such a way that provide new way of approaching the drawing, with experimentation, observing the world, awakening the senses and creativity through drawing and designing

Preview Theatre for screening films

Basically, the Preview Theatre is meant to screen students short film projects to analyze and evaluate. The Preview Theatre is also used to screen International and National Classical Films for the student to analyze and appreciate the films as part of their studies. The Preview Theatre consists of higher end Espon HD Projector with amplified sound system for the film screening.