Academic year 2017-2018

Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology on 22.02.2018

The programme under the caption workshop on Nanoscience and Technology was held on 22.02.2018 under the auspicious of Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, SPIHER. 

Dr. S. Gunasekaran, Dean R&D gave a vivid account of Nanoscience and technology consisting of facts and figures relating to its research in the globe. His speech was found raise the spirit of the students and created awareness to take up Nanoscience projects. 

Dr. R. Jayavel, Director, Centre for nanotechnology, Anna University spoke about the importance of Nano materials, its advancement and applications specifically in the field of electronics, construction of devices and semiconductor industries. There after Dr. A. Thangaraja, AP, Department of Bio-Technology, Dr. Ambedkar Government Arts college, Chennai presented facts related to Nanoscience and its association with biology and biotechnology apart from its applications in the field of medicine. 

The workshop was attended by 135 participants. 

National Science Day 2018 

National science day was celebrated on 21st March 2018. The programme started with tamilthai vazhthu Subsequently Dr. Stella Mary, Prof. & Head, Department of Physics gave the welcome address. Dr. Sayeeda Sultana, Prof.&Head, Department of Chemistry and as organiser introduced the speaker of the day and also stated about his great accomplishments. Thereafter Dr. S. Gunasekaran speaker of the function gave a lucid account of Sir C.V. Raman’s life from his childhood to acquisition of Noble prize under the caption. “Father of Science”. The talk on this occasion was of great motivation to all students and has kindled their spirits to high level to purse research oriented studies in their academic career. 

National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences on 09.05.2018 

The programme under the caption National conference on recent advances in chemical sciences was held on 09.05.2018 under the auspices of Department of Chemistry, SPIHER. 

Dr. Francis C. Peter,Vice Chancellor gave the presidential address and praised the efforts of chemistry department in the conduct of the function and wished many more such conferences is future. 

Dr. P. Aruna, Professor and Head, Department of Medical Physics, Anna university as chief quest delivered a lucid account of necessity of chemistry is the field of research along with physics and mathematics in all inventions and discoveries. Dr. U.P Senthil Kumar, Senior Vice President, Orchid chemicals, Chennai spoke on the importance of research in pharmaceutical industry. 

A special lecture on Various types of images in the diagnosis of cancer with simple methodology in special reference to MRI scan was given by Dr. P. Aruna, the chief guest of the conference followed by paper presentation by Ph.D and M.Phil research scholars and M.Sc students and this technical session was conducted under the chairmanship of Dr. Indragandhi, Associated Professor, Department of Chemistry, Presidency College , Chennai. Dr.Thangaraja,AP,Ambedkar government College,Chennai spoke on the spectroscopical techniques employed in the screening of cellulose nanomaterials which finds enormous applications in this field. Similarly Ms. A. Vanitha, AP, Department of Bio-Medical Engineering, SPIHER delivered the talk about Nanomaterial fabrication and its applications. The workshop was attended by 135 participants