The Department offers opportunities for the Education and Research in a wide spectrum of areas in Mathematics. The knowledge quotient of the department is formed by 17 faculty members who are competent researchers and quality teachers who tirelessly help the students learn the basics as well as the cutting edge areas in the field of Mathematics.  The students are trained and equipped with a strong foundation in Mathematics thereby enabling them to become top Scholars and Scientist of the Future Society.  The Department of Mathematics functions to the needs of the Engineering students at both undergraduate and post-graduate level and also the Department of Mathematics serves to Arts and Science, Architecture and Management Studies. The Departments also offers B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Programs in Core Mathematics. The Department has taken a lead role in filling the gaps between the schooling and higher education by using various methodologies. The Department is committed to train the students to make them  motivated to become dedicated Engineers and Scholars.