The Department of Sociology was established in 2016. The Study of
Sociology encourages the cross- cultural awareness, self understanding and the
betterment of Society through the reduction of social problems. The Department
aims to make the students understand the society and apply the major sociological


  • We Teach Students the Scientific, Interpretative and Critical Skills needed to conduct theoretically sound, Methodologically rigorous and Multifaceted Analyses of Human Social Phenomena at both the Local and Global levels.
  • We offer Students direct opportunities to develop and apply those skills through research and experiential learning activities.


  • The Vision of the department is to provide quality oriented teaching that may bring out the potentiality of the students.
  • With students, we are committed to developing scientific, interpretative, and critical capacities for understanding the social and cultural forces that shape the human experience.
  • We strive to foster a lifelong engagement with questions of social justice.
  • We bring theoretical and methodological rigor to understanding complex social and cultural realities both local and global.
  • We promote ways of imagining and re-imagining the common good and encourage the use of knowledge and skills to realize a more just society.