Key Indicator – 3.1 – Promotion of Research and Facilities (20)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.1.1The institution’s Research facilities are frequently updated and there is  a well defined policy for promotion of research which  is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented2
3.1.2The institution provides seed money to its teachers for research (average per year; INR in Lakhs) 3
3.1.3Percentage  of teachers receiving national/ international fellowship/financial support by various agencies for advanced studies/ research  during the last five years3
3.1.4Number of JRFs, SRFs, Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates and other research fellows enrolled in the institution during the last five years4
3.1.5Institution has supporting research facilities3
3.1.6Percentage of departments with UGC-SAP, CAS, DST-FIST, DBT, ICSSR  and other recognitions by national and international  agencies (Data for the latest completed academic year)5

Key Indicator -3.2 – Catering to Student Diversity(20)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.2.1Extramural funding for Research (Grants sponsored by non-government sources such as industry, corporate houses, international bodies for research projects), endowments, Chairs in the University during the last five years (INR in Lakhs).5
3.2.2Grants  for research projects sponsored by government agencies during the last five years (INR in Lakhs)10
3.2.3Number of research projects per teacher funded by government and  non-government agencies during the last five years5

Key Indicator – 3.3Innovation Ecosystem (30)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.3.1Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations, including Incubation centre and other initiatives for the creation and transfer of knowledge10
3.3.2Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Entrepreneurship, Skill development during the last five years10
3.3.3Number of awards / recognitions received for research/innovations by the institution/teachers/research scholars/students during the last five years10

Key Indicators – 3.4  – Research Publications and Awards (100)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.4.1The institution ensures implementation of its stated Code of Ethics for research5
3.4.2The institution provides incentives to teachers who receive state, national and international recognitions/awards5
3.4.3Number of  Patents published/awarded during the last five years10
3.4.4Number  of Ph.Ds awarded per teacher during the last five years10
3.4.5Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals as notified on UGC website during the last five years   15
3.4.6Number of books and chapters in edited volumes published per teacher during the last five years15
3.4.7E-content is developed by teachers10
3.4.8Bibliometrics of the publications during the last five years based on average  Citation Index in Scopus/ Web of Science/PubMed15
3.4.9Bibliometrics of the publications during the last five years based on Scopus/ Web of  Science – h-Index of the University  15

Key Indicators – 3.5 Consultancy (20)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.5.1Institution has a policy for consultancy including revenue sharing between the institution and the individual  and encourages its faculty to undertake consultancy5
3.5.2Revenue generated from consultancy and corporate training during the last five years (INR in Lakhs)15

Key Indicators – 3.6 – Extension Activities (40)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.6.1Extension activities in the neighborhood community in terms of impact and  sensitizing the students to social issues and holistic development during the last five years6
3.6.2Number of awards received by the Institution, its teachers and students from Government /Government-recognised bodies in recognition of the extension activities carried out  during the last five years10
3.6.3Number of extension and outreach programs conducted  by the institution including those through  NSS/NCC, Government and Government recognised bodies  during the last five years 12
3.6.4Average percentage of students participating in extension activities listed at 3.6.3 above,  during the last five years12

Key Indicators – 3.7 – 3.7 Collaboration (20)

Metric No.DescriptionWeightage
3.7.1Number of collaborative activities with other institutions/ research establishment/industry for research and academic development of faculty and students per year10
3.6.2Number of functional MoUs with institutions/ industries in India and abroad for internship, on-the-job training, project work, student / faculty exchange and collaborative research during the last five years10