M.E. – Advanced Manufacturing Technology

This programme has been framed to provide students with an understanding of specific advanced body of knowledge and emerging manufacturing technologies and skills relating to the application and implementation of the advanced technologies in modern industry within both global and local contexts. It is expected that the graduates from this course will be sufficiently competent to direct the design, development and implementation of specific technologies and/or processes addressed during the course in the context of a particular organisation.

Career opportunities
The course offers the opportunity for employment with manufacturing companies intending to implement different levels of advanced manufacturing technologies. Graduates may find employment as design engineers, manufacturing engineers, production engineers, engineering managers, systems engineers, or research and development engineers in companies such as automotive, appliances manufacturing and discrete manufacturing intending to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the productivity and competitive advantage in the global market.

Aims and objectives
At the completion of the Master of Engineering Science (Advanced Manufacturing Technology) course, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate high-level advanced knowledge and skills in advanced design and manufacturing practice.
  2. Plan and implement an independent research project in advanced manufacturing technology applying research principles and methods and using technical research skills.
  3. Reflect on contemporary and emerging issues and trends in advanced manufacturing technology practice.
  4. Investigate, analyses and synthesize complex information, problems, concepts and theories from advanced manufacturing practice to provide solutions to complex problems using critical thinking and independent judgment.
  5. Demonstrate clear and coherent communication skills to articulate complex knowledge and justify propositions and professional decisions in advanced manufacturing to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  6. Demonstrate a high level of autonomy, accountability, credibility, ethics, and responsibility for all personal work outputs in the advanced manufacturing sector.