Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Institute takes efforts to maintain harmony among all sections of students and staff without any discrimination among caste, community, and gender. It has constituted Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to ensure gender equality and sort out issues based on gender discrimination. Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace- Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) With reference to the above statement  the committee is reconstituted as given below  in order to prevent the  sexual harassment of women in the  campus.

The committee shall meet periodically, to address the problems and submit action taken report.


Dr. Sayeeda Sultana, HOD, Chemistry



Dr. L. Mahesh Kumar, Registrar



Dr. Kannan Gireesh, Psychiatrist

External Member


Ms. C. Meera Arumugham, Advocate

External Member


Mrs. Nivedha, Chidambaram, Administrative Officer

External Member (NGO)


Dr. S. Uma Maheshwari, HOD/English



Dr. Stella Mary , HOD/Physics



Dr. R. Latha, HOD/CSA



Dr. Shanthini, HOD/CSE



Mrs. Bernath Mary, Deputy Finance Officer



A. Angelin Priya kumarai , I B.Com

Student Representative


S. Keeravani , I. B.Sc CS

Student Representative


M. Hari Priya, II  IT (Cyber security)

Student Representative


R. Anusha , III BME

Student Representative


A. K. Vidhya , III CSE

Student Representative


R. Loganayagi, I M.Sc Chemistry

Student Representative

Gender Policy

 St. Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research (SPIHER) is committed to completely eliminate gender discrimination. The ICC works to promote gender sensitivity in the Institute and conduct diverse programmes to educate and sensitize both male and female members and produce cordial and harmonious atmosphere in the campus. The principle of equality and non-discrimination ensures human rights are exercised by each and every member of the Institute regardless of gender, nationality, place of residency, sex, ethnicity, religion, colour, disability, economic and social strata. SPIHER promotes equal participation in leadership and economic opportunities for women and works for the welfare of the student and faculty towards preparing them in to competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere. Women academicians and administrators head various Departments/ Centres of the Institute on par with men. SPIHER provides safe and secure work environment that is free from any discrimination in line with its policy of zero tolerance to sexual harassment. Merit and non-discrimination in all aspects are followed in recruitment of staff and admission of students to the Institute.

Objectives of the Policy:


  • To describe the social construction of gender.


  • To understand different types of gender roles and development.


  • To support women and girls in the realization of their full human rights to advance the equal participation with men.


  • To strengthen protection of Women in different circumstances and ensure that the grievance is addressed immediately without much delay.
  • To make known that merit and non-discrimination in all aspects are to be observed in recruitment of staff and in admission of students.

Implementation of the Policy:


  • Constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to monitor the issues relating to sexual harassment at work place by periodical meetings.
  • Conduct of Workshops and Seminars to sensitize and recognize the potential and capabilities of the women and make the women themselves realize and assertive of their capacities and skills and get mainstreamed their needs, concerns, demands and move towards gender equality.
  • Steps to create, support systems to reduce the gender gap in academic and administrative domains by establishing Gender Champions, Centre for Women Empowerment, Equal Opportunity Cell, Counselling facilities and Students Clubs with equal representation of boys and girls.
  • Recruitment policy is to ensure merit and without any discrimination in the selection of staff in teaching and administration according to the Constitution of India.
  • Admission policy is to ensure the enrolment of students to various programmes of study on merit and without any discrimination as per the norms of statutory bodies

Circular of ICC Committe

Circular 2022