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Department of Maths

The Department of Mathematics is one among 21 Engineering , Humanities and Science departments and it serves the academic needs of the institution .
The Department teaches Mathematics Courses to all B.E , B.Tech. , M.E, M.Tech., MSc.IT., MCA, MBA students of various departments . Department of Mathematics offers M.Phil.(Mathematics) Programme and gives guidance for faculty and students, persueing research leading to Ph.D. degree.
It has highly qualified and efficient faculty members for imparting quality, application oriented education for students .The department has two Doctorates and one faculty member has submitted thesis for Ph.D degree. One faculty member persueing research in Anna University for Ph.D degree.The faculty members have prepared research papers that have appeared in National and International Journals .Some members have authored books on Engineering Mathematics.
The department offers refresher course in Mathematics for I B.E / B.Tech. students for about three weeks , revising basic concepts and results of +2 Mathematics, which will be useful for students to understand Engineering Mathematics . Further the department conducts tutorial classes for Mathematics subject . It offers special coaching for students who are weak in Mathematics .



The Engineering Physics I and II syllabus prescribed for study of I year BE / B.Tech Engineering students of St. Peter’s University during the year 2008-2009 is very rich in its contents and applications ,comprises of 10 units. The topics selected for 10 units have been framed with great care taking into consideration the growing need and utility of the topic for day to day life of the community.
Topics like ULTRASONICS, LASERS and FIBRE OPTICS are of immense use in Medical field and Engineering.
ULTRASONICS finds application in industry for cutting, welding, cleaning, soldering, drilling etc with high precision. It is also used in medical field for scanning, imaging and also in Phonocardiogram. The basic principles involved in the production of different types of LASERS, their properties and applications are covered in depth.
FIBRE OPTICS a very useful medium of communication in recent times is well discussed in its basic principles, classification, mode of transmission, fibre optic sensors and communication link. Its application in endoscopy of the inner organs and the related instrument is well discussed.
CRYSTAL PHYSICS and QUANTUM PHYSICS are discussed in greater detail and there are large scope for research work in many universities.
Techniques of conducting, semiconducting and superconducting materials are the need of the developing countries and the basic concepts and applications are discussed in detail.
The MAGNETIC PROPERTIES and MODERN ENGINEERING MATERIALS have their own unique properties which have interesting applications.
We are heading towards the world of NANOTECHNOLOGY and the concept of Nano particles, properties and the study of Carbon Nano Tubes have been given due importance and right place in our syllabus.


About the Department

The Department of Chemistry is in existence since 1993. The department has the good fortune of having able and efficient faculty to impart good knowledge to the students. The faculties are well experienced and Ph.D holders handling the classes effectively.
The Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated equipments and good built-in infrastructure. Apart from Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering for B.E/B.Tech students, courses such as M.Sc Chemistry M.Phil Chemistry and Ph.D Chemistry are also being handled by the faculty. This department is consistently producing good results in the University Examinations.


a) To provide conceptual aspects of basic and advances in chemistry .
b) To practice chemistry by performance of experiments in the laboratory classes.
c) To enhance the problem solving skills.
d) To follow innovative teaching methods at all levels.
e) To carry out research in the thrust areas of chemistry.
f) To follow innovative teaching methods at all levels.

Vission of the Department

To acquire proficiency in Chemistry subject with the academic tools of teaching and research to serve society.

Mission of the Department

Committed to generation, preservation and dissemination of possessed knowledge through the process of academic excellence, exploration of nature, leadership qualities and innovations

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Visual Communication

B.Sc. Visual Communication or Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication is an undergraduate Mass Communication course. Visual communication is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon. Visual communication in part or whole relies on vision, and is primarily presented or expressed with two dimensional images, it includes: signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, color and electronic resources. B.Sc. in Visual Communication is generally three academic years course and it may be different from place to place. It may be provided on part time basis by certain institutes. The course opens many fields for the candidates after its completion in various fields.