The Engineering Physics I and II syllabus prescribed for study of I year BE / B.Tech Engineering students of St. Peter’s University during the year 2008-2009 is very rich in its contents and applications ,comprises of 10 units. The topics selected for 10 units have been framed with great care taking into consideration the growing need and utility of the topic for day to day life of the community.
Topics like ULTRASONICS, LASERS and FIBRE OPTICS are of immense use in Medical field and Engineering.
ULTRASONICS finds application in industry for cutting, welding, cleaning, soldering, drilling etc with high precision. It is also used in medical field for scanning, imaging and also in Phonocardiogram. The basic principles involved in the production of different types of LASERS, their properties and applications are covered in depth.
FIBRE OPTICS a very useful medium of communication in recent times is well discussed in its basic principles, classification, mode of transmission, fibre optic sensors and communication link. Its application in endoscopy of the inner organs and the related instrument is well discussed.
CRYSTAL PHYSICS and QUANTUM PHYSICS are discussed in greater detail and there are large scope for research work in many universities.
Techniques of conducting, semiconducting and superconducting materials are the need of the developing countries and the basic concepts and applications are discussed in detail.
The MAGNETIC PROPERTIES and MODERN ENGINEERING MATERIALS have their own unique properties which have interesting applications.
We are heading towards the world of NANOTECHNOLOGY and the concept of Nano particles, properties and the study of Carbon Nano Tubes have been given due importance and right place in our syllabus.