About The Department

Sociology is the Scientific study of Human Social Life. Sociologists seek to describe social patterns and to develop theories for explanation and prediction of social processes of all sizes. Sociology applies objectives and systematic methods of investigation to identify patterns and forms of social life and to understand the processes of development and change in Human Societies.

The Department of Sociology was established in 2016. The Study of Sociology encourages the cross- cultural awareness, self understanding and the betterment of Society through the reduction of social problems. The Department aims to make the students understand the society and apply the major sociological concepts. Introduce students to the various theoretical perspectives of sociology. Develop student understanding of research methods appropriate to sociological inquiry, competence in posing research questions, evaluating evidence, and developing logical arguments.

The department of sociology provides graduates with the transferable skills necessary for a fast changing and complex world including the data analysis, critical thinking, leadership , effective oral and written communication. The Sociology Program at the institution gives an excellent Liberal arts foundation for embarking on a wide range of career paths in a variety of professional settings such as International Relations, Marketing Research, Social Service, Non-profit Management, Education, City Management, Criminal Justice, Law. To develop the analytical skills and to understand society’s major social arrangements including Race, Class and Gender’s Influence on the individuals, organization and the society.