About The Department

The Department of Political Science in the University is a new department established in 2017. The Department is committed to give new directions to the teaching methods and research areas in the discipline. The Teaching and Research Programme of the Department is based on a comprehensive social science approach that integrates and interrogates Sociological, Economic, Philosophical and Cultural Dimensions. It encourages a comprehensive study of the field of Politics, keeping especially the Indian reality in focus.

The Department has been Concentrating on maintaining Global Standards in its teaching as well as Research Programmes. The Faculty’s goal is to ensure students lifetime learning and accomplishment, rather than to teach the skills needed for a particular entry level job.

Political Science majors can write well, articulate ideas clearly, research thoroughly and understand the workings of government and to know International Affairs. Political Science combines Personal Attention, excellent teaching and many opportunities to learn outside the classroom. This programme is broad and deep giving students a foundation to study Politics and also opportunities to enhance their Education. An Understanding of Political Science equips students with a strong base of knowledge and with the tools of Political Analysis. At the same time, Political Science connects students with other disciplines and gives coherence and direction to under graduate study.