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Political Science focuses on the Theory and Practice of Government and Politics at the Local, State, National, and International levels.

We are dedicated to develop the understandings of Institutions, Practices  and Relations that Constitute Public life and modes of inquiry that promote Citizenship.


  • Our goal is to teach students how to think about politics, and through this to develop their conceptual, verbal, and quantitative skills.
  • Motivating students for appearing National Level Competitive Examinations like (UPSC) IAS, IPS etc...


  • The Mission of the Political Science Department is to provide programs to our students that Foster Critical, Independent Thinking about Politics and Public life.
  • Courses provide an understanding of political concepts and the organization and function of political systems.
  • Our major programs equip students with the ability to understand political theories and to gain knowledge and experience through Written work, Lectures, Reading, Active Learning and Internships.
  • The Department offers courses that Student can gain knowledge about Western Governments Systems, Comparative Politics, International Relations, International Organizations, Asian Government Systems, Public Administration, Indian Constitution and Political Systems, Human Rights.
  • In addition, the Department plays an important role in the broader arena of civic education and to Educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.
  • Create and Translate knowledge to meet Global and Societal needs
  • These programs prepare students for Active Citizenship, Careers, and Advanced Training in law, Political Science, and other fields.
  • At all levels, Our Curriculum provides Students with a broad understanding of Politics and how it affects their lives.
  • To empower the youth, especially belonging to the marginalized sections of society, through quality education, so as to make them good human beings and responsible citizens, besides enabling them to meet the challenges of the contemporary knowledge-society.

B.A. – Political Science