About The Department

The Department of Computer Science &  Applications was established in 1995, and strives hard to develop top class professionals, who will be responsible in providing their hands to support the constant booming of the Information Industry era.

The department works as a team of dedicated faculty who has knowledge in the latest fields of                        technology / development in the global scenario.  The Department has conducted successfully several National Level Seminars, Conferences, Staff Development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes and Workshops every year. Also the Faculty members are encouraged to attend specialized training programme and pursuing higher studies.

The department has a well furnished lab with intranet and 24 hours 1 Gbps Internet facility. The department is very meticulous in conducting Open House Meetings for the students in which the faculty members, Directors and Dean participate. This is an open forum where the students are allowed to air their impressions, in the hardware and software areas. Students and faculty participate enthusiastically and contribute towards bringing effective solutions to the problems.  This continuous monitoring of the teaching-learning process has improved the performance to a considerably high level which will help the students to get ready to face the placement and employment arena.

Faculty counselors are appointed for every 15-20 students.  They size up the strengths and weaknesses of the students and provide individual counseling and help.  They not only provide guidance counseling in subjects but also in personal problems.


Ph.D. Computer Science & Computer Applications

Eligibility: Master’s Degree/ M.Phil. Degree in the relevant subject studied in Regular Mode

M.Phil. Computer Science & Computer Applications(1 Year)

Eligibility: Master’s Degree in the relevant subject studied in Regular Mode

MCA (3 years)

Eligibility: Any Degree with Maths as one subject

MCA ( Lateral Entry – 2 Years)

Eligibility: B.Sc. Computer Science /B.C.A

M.Sc. Computer Science(2 Years)

Eligibility: B.Sc. Computer Science

B.Sc. Computer Science (3 Years)

Eligibility: +2 Pass with Maths

B.C.A. (3 Years)

Eligibility: +2 Pass

Certificate Course on Office Automation (36 Hours)

Eligibility: +2 Pass


  1. To excel in problem solving and programming skills in the various computing fields of IT  Industries
  2. To develop the ability to plan, analyze, design, code, test, implement & maintain a software product for real time system
  3. To promote students capability to set up their own enterprise in various sectors of Computer A
  4. To experience the students in finding solutions and developing system based applications for real time problems in various domains involving technical, managerial, economical & social constraints
  5. To prepare the students to pursue higher studies in computing or related disciplines and to work in the fields of teaching and research. 


  • Understand and Apply mathematical foundation, computing and domain knowledge for the  conceptualization of computing model of problems.
  • Identify, Analyze the computing requirements of a problem and Solve them using computing  
  • Design and Evaluate a computer based system, components and process to meet the specific  needs of applications.
  • Use current techniques and tools necessary for complex computing practices.
  • Use suitable architecture or platform on design and implementation with respect toPerformance.
  • Develop and integrate effectively system based components into user environment.
  • Understand and commit to Cyber regulations and responsibilities in Professional computing  
  • Recognize the need for and develop the ability to engage in continuous learning as a            Computing professional.
  • Apply the understanding of management principles with computing knowledge to manage the projects in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Communicate effectively with the computing community as well as society by being able to  comprehend effective documentations and presentations.
  • Understand societal, environmental, health, legal, ethical issues within local and global           contexts and the consequential responsibilities relevant to professional practice.
  • Function effectively in a team environment to accomplish a common goal.
  • Identify opportunities and use innovative ideas to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society.
  • Use knowledge to analyze, interpret the data and synthesis the information to derive valid  conclusions using research methods.

  Expertise in developing application with required domain knowledge.

Academic year 2018-2019

Academic year 2017-2018

Academic year 2016-2017

Academic year 2015-2016

Vision & Mission


To develop   students   to   achieve academic excellence in all spheres of Computer Applications with emphasis on continual improvement leading to Research.


By providing  quality  education  and training to  the  students in the   broad  area   of   software   applications  to generate skilled  software  professionals  to  face the  future  challenges.