Student Club

There are technical clubs for academically inclined students and cultural clubs to promote fine arts , music, dance and short film making for feeding and nurturing young talented minds and spirits.

Some of the clubs are

1)Robotics club

2)Fine arts club

3)Theatre Arts Club

4)Short Film making Club

5)Photography Club

6)Social Welfare club

7)Martial Arts Club

1)Robotics Club

The purpose of this club is

i)To empower ambitious students with knowledge and resources required to build robots.

ii)Students across many disciplines like CSE, ECE, EEE and Mechanical are active members of the club

iii)Students show keen interest in building Robots as part of their project work and to participate in competitions.

2)Fine Arts club

The objectives of this club are

i)to encourage the imaginative, creative and artistic ability of students

ii)To develop the skills essential for professional competences

Students of this club have carried out wall painting that has enhanced the aesthetic look of the campus.

3) Theatre Arts Club

The aim of this club is

i)To develop students talent and skill in singing, dancing and acting

ii)To mould the musical talents of the members

iii)To promote Mime activity, a part of our cultural heritage

4)Short Film Making

The objective of this club is to bring together young and creative minds that are passionate about film making and other activities related to it. The members of this club actively take part in competitions and has bought laurels to the institution.

5)Photography Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a platform to bring together photographic enthusiasts and encourage them to share knowledge about the nuances of photography. The club organizes workshops to hear from experts about tips and tricks of photography and to gain more information about cameras and accessories.

6)Social welfare club

The objectives of the club is

i)To inculcate social responsibilities among our students

ii)To educate underprivileged students and help the needy

iii)To impart computer and fine arts training for home makers.

iv)To conduct medical camps and health awareness program to the people residing in nearby rural areas.

7)Martial Arts Club

The club aims to provide place for those passionate about martial arts and Yoga. Students who are professionally trained in martial arts and yoga impart their knowledge to other interested students. Expert guidance is also provided to the members periodically.